Book Review – Release Me (Stark Trilogy #1) – J Kenner

If I could sum it up i’d say a dose of Fifty Shades of Grey, a dose of Bared to You and a dose of The Secretary (you know, the 2002 movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Both characters in this book are emotionally wounded and though we get to see all of Nikki’s wounds… there’s still a lot about Damien we do not know about.

Ok, so Damien Stark is a former tennis player who, after his playing career, built up an uber successful business. Nikki has met him before, at a pageant in Texas where she was running for Miss something or other. They meet again years later, this time Nikki has graduated with a double major in electrical engineering and computer science and is working for a company seeking financial backing. The head of the company sends Nikki to meet Damien hoping she’ll use her feminine wiles to secure the backing. And so the story begins…

Damien and Nikki are attracted to one another. But Nikki has secrets she doesn’t want Damien to know about. Damien can’t understand why Nikki keeps running from him when they clearly want each other so he comes up with a proposition. The kind you can’t say no to 🙂

I really liked Nikki’s character, she was intelligent, witty and sarcastic, just how I like female characters. I liked Jamie her best friend who sort of reminded me of two of my friends put together 🙂 And of course Damien was super Alpha Male and you all know how much I LOVE that! I liked how he responded after finding out Nikki’s secret, that was probably my best scene.

Also, I almost clapped when I found out he has a dominant streak!

‘”Do you know what passion is?.. Most people think it only means desire. Arousal. Wild abandon. But that’s not all. The word derives from the Latin. It means suffering. Submission. Pain and pleasure, Nikki. Passion…. Do you trust me?”

“yes,” I say without hesitating.

“Then trust me to take you where you’ve never gone before.”‘

I for sure loved the steamy scenes though this was also BDSM lite.

And did I mention that Damien did sweet soooooo well?! He did! I have too many quotes I could put here. He’s seriously good to Nikki. Controlling yes, but when he’s sweet…

“Look outside,” Damien whispers. “What do you see?”

“Its sunset,” I say playfully as I look over my shoulder to once again meet his eyes.

He presses his mouth to my ear, and there’s nothing playful in his tone. “Never, baby. Between us, the sun is never going down.”

I have to say I do feel like the storyline might be getting too familiar… but you know what? I still loved it. I think it’s the author’s voice that’s different, that makes this book prevail over the mountain of Erotic Romance novels that have saturated the market in the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey. I have a list of what to Read after Fifty Shades of Grey and this one is one of those that still hold their own.

4 Stars!!!

Amazon: Release Me by J Kenner

release me


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10 Responses to Book Review – Release Me (Stark Trilogy #1) – J Kenner

  1. Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

    I love browsing your blog! I wanted to make a recommendation for the paranormal romance free books.

    Nicky Charles’s Law of the Lycan (?) series was a fun LONG read. I’d give them a 3/5, and they get better as they progress. They’re just too wordy at times, but a lot of fun.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve seen that the first book is free on smashwords. Says the 3 books are all free on smashwords..good deal 🙂 I know you’re not much into smut 😉 so i’ll just ask, how romantic are they? I like a good mix of romance and paranormal…

      • Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

        Oh, I actually really love the occasional smut. I just didn’t care for Fifty, because I thought the plot was too thin. I loved Bared to you and just downloaded that flight attendant book and I’ve been enjoying it. The Law of the Lycan books are fun and definately adult. They were actually my first foray into the paranormal romance genre, so I hold a soft spot for them. They are all available for free download on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble (I’m pretty sure). For free books, they were great.

      • Just downloaded them! My first foray into the genre was the Black Dagger Brotherhood and since then I haven’t found any other series that i’ve enjoyed as much…hoping this is it! Enjoy the Up in the Air series x

  2. Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

    I read those right after these! I can’t wait to read Qhuinn and Blaylock’s story, next month. I love loooong books so I don’t have to get to know new rules and characters. The psy-changeling were probably my favorite series after the BDB.

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  5. Kelly says:

    Yes I was wondering, are these stand alone books, or is there some cliff hanger that leaves you hanging until the next novel. This question goes for both release me and claim me?


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