Book Review – Beneath this Man (This Man #2) – Jodi Ellen Malpas

Remember how in the interview with Jodi Ellen Malpas I referred to Jesse as a tad crazy? Well, in this second book he’s moved way past a tad crazy to stark raving mad! And I loved it!

So the book begins 5 days after the end of This Man (Book #1). Sam hasn’t heard from Jesse and needs Ava’s help to get into Lusso to check on him.

We get to see a different side of Jesse. Not just the controlling possessive sexy man but a tortured vulnerable man as well. I loved seeing him this way (yes I love tortured men what can I say) but it was so endearing how much he needs Ava.

‘”Promise me you’ll never leave me.” 

I look up into his troubled eyes. I can’t get used to this unsure part of him. I don’t like it, but he’s asking at least, not demanding. “I’ll never leave you.”

“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

Of course his possessive self is not far behind!

‘”You’re mine and mine alone, baby. Just for my eyes, just for my touch and just for my pleasure. Just mine. Do you understand me?”

Jesse can’t seem to function without Ava and these two ended up taking co-dependency to whole new level! And though I love Jesse, I wasn’t too happy that he kept so much hidden from Ava, even lying to her in the process. Also didn’t like that Ava wasn’t trying harder to extract information. Yes, Jesse still has the sense fucks, reminder fucks and even introduced a retribution fuck. Ok so I enjoy reading the different kinds of fucks, they’re hot as hell 😉 but I wished Ava would have stood her ground more.

And did I mention how controlling he is? We saw that in the first book but in the second, wow! Let’s just say that Jesse Ward wrote the book on controlling/possessive men. Heck his picture is right next to the word controlling on the dictionary. He’s insane and God help me but I loved it!

And then…Ava, the sane albeit a bit naive girl, also becomes insane. Who saw that coming at 84%? And then she remedies it by doing what now?! Seriously these two are prime candidates for the looney bin!

But when all is said and done, how brilliant was the end?! Oh Jesse you completely insane but insanely adorable man! Sigh…i’m a bit sad I read it so fast but I just couldn’t put it down!

4.5 Stars!

Amazon: Beneath this Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas


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20 Responses to Book Review – Beneath this Man (This Man #2) – Jodi Ellen Malpas

  1. divinecaroline says:

    I’m sold. Def. need to read this one.

  2. Dawn says:

    Need book three withdrawals

  3. I started reading it again. Just in case I missed something. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  4. Laurie says:

    I read the first book of this series and really didn’t like it. But I got started on this book and even though i didn’t like the beginning, by the end I really liked it. Can’t wait to see what happens in the final book.

    • James is insane isn’t he? He’s the kind of man I love reading about Possessive/Controlling/Tortured …I love that mix but in real life i’ll take a sane man any day 🙂

      • Laurie says:

        I hated Jesse in the first book. I thought he was too controlling with no redeeming qualities. (I like reading about the possessive/tortured type too.) I almost didn’t bother with the second book. But by the end of the second book I liked him. The author finally let’s the reader see why Jesse is the way he is. I think she should have showed a little of that sooner. He could finally be caring out of the sack and more ‘normal’ in how to show Ava that he loved her. He took on some of the qualities of Christian Grey of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Christian always wanted to pamper Anastasia while still being possessive and controlling. Jesse didn’t seem to want to pamper or really do anything special for Ava in the first book. And you’re right…I’d kill a man like that in real life!

      • You know now that you mention it I realize you’re right. I think it was intentional for the author to want to show us why he’s the way he is only in book 2…but I do remember really liking him in Book 1, maybe I was blinded by those steamy scenes 😉

  5. betty says:

    please hurry up and pack up work and write double fast lolol love your books my all time no 1 tops cant wait till june 6th please make it may 6 instead lol

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  7. Kelly says:

    I’m just reading part one 1/2 way thru…please tell me she finally gets rid of Sarah and the worst friend KATE!!!! Please please tell me they get theirs….

  8. Kelly says:

    Why are you afraid? Only on book 1…oh gosh what happens in book two

    • I’m not so happy it’s ending… I’m worried it’s going to be sensory overload… I’m worried about a book hangover when I have books to review for the coming week… I’m just a worrier in general 🙂 Book 2 is crazy… but then again Jesse is crazy period.fullstop.punto!

      • Kelly says:

        I’m a worrier too. It’s good to have a heads up that I need to be prepared for book 2. Oh dear!!! I have to say I love Jesse even as crazy as he is, . But I am having a hard time connecting with this book. I’m reading it but I’m not feeling any emotional connection like I did for example with James and Bianca. Maybe that will help for books two chaos.

      • They’re definitely different from James and Bianca… For one Jesse is much more controlling than James, James is into BDSM while Jesse is not… I’ve noticed people who love Jesse like James and people who love James like Jesse…

      • Kelly says:

        It’s more the writing style of this book. It’s just not pulling me in. Although I do feel more relaxed reading it knowing there is no bdsm.

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