Book Review – Meant to Be – Karen Stivali

Usually I read as a means of escape. That’s why I read about controlling anti-heroes when in real life I wouldn’t go near one with a pole 🙂 But once in a while I read a book like this one; a contemporary romance that feels so real…like it could be happening to someone you know.

So what’s it about? Daniel is an NYU professor, he longs to have a family and so when his wife Justine convinces him to move to the suburbs, he hopes this is the first step towards that dream. However, he finds he has more in common with his neighbor’s wife Marienne. Marienne is the exact opposite of Justine. She cooks, she bakes AND she also wants to start a family. Though they’re drawn to each other, they both realize that this cannot go further than friendship.

It was an easy book to read with a good flow. I really loved the banter between Daniel and Marienne. From the first day they just clicked. It was easy to hate Frank and Justine and root for Daniel and Marienne. Maybe too easy. I felt like the bad guys (Frank and Justine) were just made so bad you couldn’t find a thing to like about them.

I mean, they were just awful people! It was actually hearbreaking what Marienne had to go through with Frank…and don’t even get me started on how bitchy Justine was! Worst thing is I doubt they were ever good people to begin with, so why anyone would marry them in the first place is beyond me. I did wish things were not that black and white, good people vs bad people. I wished, there was a way for me root for Daniel and Marienne, yet still giving me a chance to doubt myself…you know?

But I have to mention that ending. That ending was beautiful. Daniel got sweeter if that’s even possible. That gesture with the photo captions…sigh 🙂

All in all this is a beautiful love story…albeit heartbreaking… it has a sequel titled Holding On.

3 stars.

And the good news is, the author will be guest blogging right here on January 22, and giving away a copy of one of her books! And there’ll also be a chance to win a $20 amazon or B&N gift card 🙂 So be on the lookout.

Amazon: Meant to Be by Karen Stivali


Review Copy provided by Author’s Angels for the Holding On Blog Tour

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