Book Review – Holding On – Karen Stivali

This is the sequel to Meant to Be. Daniel and Marienne are now married, Ella calls Daniel daddy and Marienne is pregnant. Additionally, he’s penned a screen play that has been picked up by a producer in L.A. So Daniel pretty much has everything he’s always wanted. Unfortunately life isn’t that simple, the father he never knew contacts him, he keeps running into his ex-wife Justine who can’t stop trying to seduce him, and Marienne has a new friend, Bob 🙂

Think of this book as what happens after the ‘Happily Ever After.’ When you finish reading a romance book and sigh after the HEA, do you sometimes stop and wonder if life remains rosy for the two characters? Well Karen Stivali doesn’t want you to wonder. She tells you exactly what happens in Daniel and Marienne’s life.

The book was not as heartbreaking as the first one. In fact it was sexier…steamier… I love that Daniel is still so much in love (and lust) with Marienne. You’d think nothing could test that bond but it was tested. Not dramatically but enough.

The best thing about Karen Stivali’s books is that her characters feel real to me. Like they could be my next door neighbors. Though to be honest if my next door neighbor was Daniel Gardner I would be spending much more time at his house! 🙂

So, if you are in the mood for a beautiful love story, the kind of love that makes it against all odds, then check out Karen Stivali’s Meant to Be and Holding On.

3 stars.

And don’t forget Karen Stivali will be guest blogging right here on January 22, and giving away a copy of one of her books! And there’ll also be a chance to win a $20 amazon or B&N gift card :) So be on the lookout.

Amazon: Holding On by Karen Stivali


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