Book Review – Come Away With Me – Kristen Proby

This book should come wrapped in a pretty pink bow!

Natalie Conner is a photographer, out on the beach taking some photos when she’s ‘accosted’ by a handsome stranger wanting to take her camera. See the stranger, Luke Williams, thinks Natalie is taking photos of him and he doesn’t like it one bit! When Luke finally realizes that Natalie has no idea who he is, he takes a second look at the beautiful, sassy woman and likes what he sees 🙂

It was an easy read, I found myself at 30% quite fast. Why I say it should come wrapped in a pretty pink bow is because there is hardly any angst in the story. They fall in lust then love pretty fast (maybe too fast).

“…you’re the fist woman i’ve brought into my home and all I can think about is getting your beautiful body naked and fucking you senseless. I need to know if there is any competition. I don’t share, Natalie.”

“Saying you don’t share implies that i’m already yours, Luke”

“Aren’t you?”‘

This is I think their first date! There’s hardly a love triangle and these two pretty much are the sweetest couple from the first page onwards. The book is also super steamy as they both can’t seem to keep their hands off each other 🙂

My only problem was, I LOVE angst, I love possessive men (and though Luke was, Natalie was taken with him from the beginning so he had no real reason to be). I felt like I was reading a story about an ordinary everyday couple. Yes there was his secret which doesn’t take long to come out, and there was a bit of her tragic past but other than that this is your everyday romance with everyday ups and downs.

I will say that I enjoyed the steamy scenes, the book was well written, the characters are the sweetest and Luke is simply perfect.  And there was the epilogue which is just too sweet for words. It was just missing that extra something…

Verdict? Sweet sweet could give you a cavity:) 3 stars.

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come away

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5 Responses to Book Review – Come Away With Me – Kristen Proby

  1. lilili79 says:

    this book was just “eh” for me. it was nothing to be excited about.

  2. Claudia says:

    I just finished 2 days ago, it was painful to finish it, it was way tooooooooooooo long, at least 40% of the book was unnecessary… and all that you’re beautiful stuff… maybe I’m not romantic enough 😛

    • LOL… I also wondered if i’m lacking that romantic was just too sweet and nothing more happening…I wanted to stop reading but people loved it so much I thought I might be missing something…by the end I thought, hmm, there’s a market for this type of book but I won’t be buying anymore!

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