Guest Book Review – Crushed Seraphim (Seraphim #1) – Debra Anastasia

I’m so excited to introduce our guest reviewer Carrie (twitter: @CarrieReads)! We usually go for similar books so as soon as I read this review I knew I had to read this one!


Guest Review by Carrie

Loved the book and took seconds to download the 2nd to continue the story.  In the end it was Good vs. Evil.  Seraph Emma is sent to earth to complete the impossible task of helping a half-breed vampire named Jason to see his worth. Along the way, Emma loses her wings and has a small road trip to Hell where she meets and eventually falls in love with the very hot and sexy Satan Jack.

I loved Emma’s character, she has such strong faith and goodness in her heart.  She is the perfect combination of  feisty, sweet, sexy, and dangerous.  I cant say enough about Jack, just Holy Hotness!  I will now always picture Satan has having long brown hair, chiseled cheekbones, tatted up and wearing the best low-cut jeans ever. But in the end, Emma’s goodness lands her in Hell with Everett, who by the end, I wanted to bitch slap.

This book is not my typical read, it was definitely stepping out of the box for me, and worth it!  I laughed and cried and sometimes at the same time. By 90% I was yelling, screaming and crying at my Kindle. Now ready to conquer Bittersweet Seraphim to read more Jack and Emma.

I give it 5 Stars!


Amazon: Crushed Seraphim by Debra Anastacia

crushed one


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