Book Review – Broken – Megan Hart

WOW! This is more than just erotica, it’s dark, its angsty, its emotional, its intense and hands down the best book i’ve read…ever!

When I wrote my ‘Favorite books of 2012’ list, I hoped to add a few more books before the year ended. But seeing as I wrote it on the 18th of December, I wasn’t holding my breath. Then on the 28th of December I started reading Broken

In short, it’s about Sadie who’s married to Adam but once every month meets up with Joe. The nature of Joe and Sadie’s relationship is complicated. See Sadie’s husband Adam is a quadriplegic (and so bitter!) and so Sadie meets up with Joe to listen to his stories about his sexual exploits. Sort of live sexually through him…maybe even with him, as she imagines herself as every girl Joe takes to bed.

The book is so well written! The steamy scenes are extra extra steamy! Every other chapter is about Joe’s sexcapades and they get steamier and steamier! I’m in awe at how the author can bring me close to tears in one scene and…um…not in the next 😉 and it all just fits together.

I have to be honest, some scenes were tough to read…the scenes between Sadie and Adam were the toughest. It’s not just about living with a quadriplegic, its about living with one who continuously finds every way to push you away. If I was a crier I’d have been bawling my eyes out at every other chapter, but as it turns out I settled on gasping in shock every 3 seconds. Finally at 84% I cried…I stopped reading…it was a bit too much for me and I needed a break.

After about an hour (spent thinking about the book) I continued. At 94% I dared to hope…maybe…just maybe…gah! I was such a mess 😦

Then the end…so freakin beautiful I cried again. And I promise, I hardly ever cry! I read the last few lines to my boyfriend, voice shaking, tears rolling down my cheeks (dramatic I know but you have to read this to understand).

This is officially my favorite book ever. I want to give it a gazillion stars but will settle for 5 out of 5 stars. It’s only fitting that I ended the year with this amazingly brilliant book.

 Amazon: Broken by Megan Hart


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  2. candace wood says:

    Wow, hadn’t heard of this one, but it’s going on my TBR! Thanks!

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