Currently Reading – Broken – Megan Hart

If ever there was a match made in book heaven, it would be me and Megan Hart’s books 🙂 What she writes is so much more than erotica….usually I don’t like my erotica laced with too much sadness…but the way she does it is so beautiful. The erotica fits just right in…there’s no way for those scenes to be there without the story and vice versa.

I’m currently reading Broken and i’m in love with this story. It’s about Sadie who’s married to Adam but once every month meets up with Joe. The nature of Joe and Sadie’s relationship is complicated. See Sadie’s husband Adam is a quadriplegic and so Sadie meets up with Joe to listen to his stories about his sexual exploits. Sort of live sexually through him…maybe even with him, as she imagines herself as every girl Joe takes to bed.

I’m at 54% and can’t put it down…and i’m on holiday so that’s saying A LOT!

Amazon: Broken by Megan Hart


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2 Responses to Currently Reading – Broken – Megan Hart

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you. Megan Hart is just magnificent writer and Broken is one of my favorite books.

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