Book Review – Just One Night Part 1: The Stranger – Kyra Davis

Wow! This is one deliciously naughty read and I just fell in love with Kyra Davis’s writing! From the minute I started I was hooked. I’m usually very apprehensive of shorter books because, well I always feel like the characters are never explored as well as they could be but this book surprised me.

The synopsis is this; Kasie is dragged by her friend Simone to Vegas for the weekend. See everyone thinks of Kasie as responsible, reliable and steady, so Simone wants her to have a weekend where she could be something else. Thing is, she’s an Ivy League educated woman with a good job, she feels the need to basically dress like a man, never really explore her sexuality. You know, dial it down to be taken seriously.

So for Vegas, she dresses up in a Heave Leger bandage dress and is supposed to find a stranger to sleep with for the night. She meets Robert Dade 🙂 Sexy sexy Robert Dade (at least in my minds eye) and without much preamble they are in his room. That entire first scene was so fast paced and so beautifully written! And the steam factor, wowza!

‘I didn’t know it could be like this.

It’s a cliché. A line every ingénue in every bad romantic comedy is forced to utter. The words are always spoken delicately as if our heroine has reached a new level of innocence. This doesn’t feel innocent. This feels fucking amazing. It feels like I’m coming alive.

I didn’t know it could be like this.’

But now that Kasie has tasted abandon, she wonders if she still wants the steady life. Problem is, She has a fiancé, Dave, well, almost fiancé who’s as (I want to say dull) steady as her. I loved that I identified with Kasie so much. In a lot of the things she did and how she handled them. Not to mention the difficulty of choosing between something new=wild and something old=reliable.

‘And I like the way Dave holds me, like I’m precious and worthy of admiration. It’s so dissimilar from the uncontrolled passion that shoots from Robert’s fingertips.’

I felt her apprehension and understood it.

This book could be seen as the now usual CEO with an ordinary girl and a love triangle. But what sets it aside, at least for me, is the author’s way of storytelling. I loved how I got to feel like Kasie’s best friend, cheering her on and worrying with her.  Usually with most books in this genre I end up just swooning after the man, and as sexy as Robert was, this was Kasie’s story.

There’s something deeper with these two characters, something we got a glimpse of with Robert and in a bit more detail with Kasie. I really can’t wait to read the rest of this series. Especially since it ends with a cliffhanger 😦 I thoroughly enjoyed it, the steam, the romance, the dialogue and that drama at the end…!!! I give it 4 stars.

Amazon – Just One Night: The Stranger by Kyra Davis


Finally, I would like to thank NetGalley and Simon&Schuster for providing this ARC for my honest review.

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