Book Review – Knight and Play (Knight Series #1) – Kitty French

Arrrrrgggggghhhh! Ok, I had to get that out! I’ve just been left with a cliffhanger to shame all cliffhangers! I actually knew there would be a cliffhanger but I needed a sexy billionaire alpha male fix so bad I decided to still go for it 🙂

So what is this about? Lucien Knight is the CEO of a company that produces sex toys and runs sex clubs. He’s in search of a personal assistant and that’s where Sophie Black comes in. Girl next door Sophie who blushes at the very thought of sex. She agrees to take the job mostly because she’s been living a dull existence (boring job, husband barely touches her…etc). Lucien decides to take it upon himself to strip away Sophie’s inhibitions and the fun begins 🙂

Let me just start by saying there’s A LOT of sex in this book! I mean the guy is in the sex industry, I get that, but I felt like the first half was just sex. No emotional connection (not that there was intended to be any) I just wish I felt more than you know, steam. So here’s the thing, Lucien has a tortured background where he feels like he failed to protect his mother, so he decides he’s going to help Sophie. I wasn’t quite sure how helping Sophie cheat would help her with her cheating husband…two wrongs and all…but he insisted it would and I decided to see where this would go.

At 82% is when I become emotionally invested in this story. The angst finally kicked in and I loved it! Lucien is a sex god (did I mention those steamy scenes?!) but when we finally got some emotion from him is when I got into the book. Like this scene:

‘”No. I’m a long way from happy, Lucien,” she murmured. “I’ll leave you to your calls.” She turned to walk out of the room.

He was behind her before she made it to the door. He crushed her body against the wall with his own, his hands pushed into her hair. “I’m sorry Princess. I’m sorry.”

Sophie closed her tear-filled eyes and held him, wishing her touch could melt away the iron tension from his shoulders and the bleak sadness from his eyes… She gentled his harsh breathing with her tender hands and smoothed her fingers over the silk of his hair, until finally he lifted his head and kissed her. His lips moved slow and sweet over hers, balm to soothe the sting of his earlier harsh words.

“I’m sorry too,” she whispered into his mouth….


One last mention. The book was surprisingly vanilla for something meant to be otherwise. I mean there were a lot of sex toys and all but I was hoping for more of that blindfold 😉

I suppose (or at least) hope that subsequent books will be less vanilla…oh and more emotion/angst between Lucien and Sophie!

And again, mind that cliffhanger :/ book #2 is meant to come out sometime in 2013 and though I hate to wait, i’m definitely getting it!

I give it 3.5 Stars.

Amazon – Knight and Play by Kitty French



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