E-Book Bargains!!!

So i’m still reading Truth by Aleatha Romig. I can’t even start describing how brilliant this book is! Will hopefully have the review up soon. I quickly wanted to point out that book #1 in the series, Consequences (check my review here) is still only .99 cents on Amazon! This is too good a bargain to pass up especially since the price might rise soon. So yeah, go get it guys!


Still on Bargains, Samantha Towle’s The Mighty Storm (Yummy Rockstar!) is also on sale! She writes:

THE MIGHTY STORM is on another of Amazon’s crazy LOW discount SALES … only a $1 in the US and 64p UK! If you haven’t already read it, grab it while you can, and please let you friends know, as when it goes over to my publisher I can’t see it being this low priced again! ♥


Last but not least; Did you know that the author of Beautiful Disaster (check my review here), Jamie McGuire has a Paranormal Romance Trilogy? All three books of The Providence Trilogy are on sale on Amazon!


Love me some bargains!!!

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