Currently Reading – Truth (Consequences #2) – Aleatha Romig

I just couldn’t wait any longer to start this book! Book #1 (Consequences) left me shocked, angry, confused….and everything in between. I needed a short break to relax before diving into book #2 (Truth). I took a break of just over a day and all I could think about was Consequences. I kept asking questions and discussing the book with anyone who would listen. Finally, today, I just had to start Truth.

Kielol2 commented on my Consequences review and said that Truth is even better!

“It’s rare, in my opinion, for a second in a series to outshine the first, but in this case it is achieved… After reading Consequences, I honestly would have thought this statement impossible. It is less descriptive, but certainly full of twists and turns that have us questioning everything. These books are two of my favorite reads this year, and I can’t recommend them enough.”

With such a statement how could I resist?! Oh and if you’re reading this, let me know (Twitter , Facebook or Goodreads) and we can form a much needed support group 🙂 And though most of the links I post are for e-books, this series is also on paperback. Just remember that this is not a stand alone book, you have to read Consequences first.


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