Book Review – Lawful Escort – Tina Folsom

Lawful Escort is short and steamy and just what I needed in between my super intense reads 🙂 I got it as an amazon freebie (which it still is) and I thought the synopsis sounded a bit like a chic flick, it’s actually likened to Pretty Woman.

It’s about Daniel Sinclair, a handsome, rich guy (aren’t they all nowadays?) from New York who has to travel to San Francisco for work. He’s just found his girlfriend cheating on him and since he has to attend a stuffy work reception, he hires an escort. It starts out a bit silly; friend helping out a sick friend with a huge favor. Problem being that the sick friend is an escort and the favor is to fill in for her (only happens in Fiction right?) She (Sabrina) accepts and meets up with Daniel.

As you can imagine, the book is quit predictable but since this was exactly what I was looking for, I can’t say I was disappointed. It did remind me of Pretty Woman but actually more so an episode of How I met Your Mother titled “Mary the Paralegal”. That was hilarious! Anyway, I digress. The book was short, STEAMY and sweet. A bit too dramatic in the end, more like a soap. I did roll my eyes a bit too much. But all in all, if you’re looking for an uncomplicated, steamy contemporary romance, this is it. And again, it’s still free on Amazon.

I give it 2.5 Stars.

Amazon – Lawful Escort by Tina Folsom


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