Book Review – Consequences (Consequences #1) – Aleatha Romig

My mind has just been totally and utterly mind fucked! This book went above and beyond anything I imagined. I’m not even sure I should write a review in my state. First thought after I finished the book, “I don’t think my heart can handle book #2”, then I immediately went to Amazon and got book #2. Damn me and my lack of self preservation!

I have to place a warning, this is NOT a romance novel, nor is it erotica. There are elements of both but the author firmly places her book in the Psychological Thriller category and I have to agree.

First things first, a synopsis. Claire Nichols wakes up in a room. She quickly remembers that she was abducted. Her captor is Anthony Rawlings, a rich, handsome but brutal man who is hell bent on controlling every aspect of Claire’s new existence. Claire quickly discovers there are two sides to Anthony. He can be kind and generous one minute, and downright sadistic in the next. He assures her that he’ll release her once her “debt” is cleared and eventually she learns to obey him. What starts out as non consensual eventually becomes consensual…Stolkholm Syndrome personified.

I have to say that I perfected my WTF face reading this book. There were so many instances I thought, “What the hell Claire, now’s your chance! Get the hell out of there!” At about 37% I was in complete shock. This man’s brutality elevated to levels my poor brain could not comprehend. At 44% I feared my WTF face would become a permanent feature!

Ok, so even I have to admit he was sweet, loving and generous sometimes. And when he was it was so beautiful you could almost forget his crazy side…almost! I did have moments I liked Anthony. He was even romantic at times!

I read the rest of the book alternating my WTF face with my ‘is this really happening’ face. I just couldn’t believe much of what was happening. Not that it wasn’t well written (albeit a bit too descriptive), just that I guess I can’t really picture this happening to anyone and them responding the way Claire did. God she was infuriating at times! Did I mention that the book is very descriptive? What she ate, what she wore, the weather….everything is in too much detail. Usually I would be tempted to skim but I was too worried i’d miss something crucial!

Finally at 88% my jaw dropped and it stayed there until the end of the book. I gave myself a pep talk to stick to the genres I know but I found myself buying the next book in the series. I’m pretty sure i’ll read a flowery romance after this, my heart needs it!

I give it 4.5 Stars. Would have been more if it was less descriptive. Also I do have a preference for Romance and Erotica and if both or at least the latter had been employed more, I would have rated it higher.

Amazon – Consequences by Aleatha Romig


PS: It is only .99 cents right now and so worth it! Book #2 Truth is in my TBR list and I can’t wait to see what happens!

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18 Responses to Book Review – Consequences (Consequences #1) – Aleatha Romig

  1. Kielol2 says:

    Great review. Loved this book, and am still thinking about it months later. I will say the descriptiveness also put me off a tad. I think the author wanted the reader to be right there with Claire feeling, seeing, hearing, everything she was, and I did. I agree with your statement that you can’t skim because you might miss something. There is so much thought put into these works from the cover to quotes used, that I think many would be as shocked to learn as I was, that this is Ms. Romig’s first book.

    It’s rare, in my opinion, for a second in a series to outshine the first, but in this case it is achieved. As much as I loved Consequences, I can’t say that Truth wasn’t as good, if not better. After reading Consequences, I honestly would have thought this statement impossible. It is less descriptive, but certainly full of twists and turns that have us questioning everything.

    These books are two of my favorite reads this year, and I can’t recommend them enough.

  2. I still can’t believe this is her first book! That’s incredible! And after 2 hours of still thinking about the book i’m tempted to forgive the descriptiveness. Because you’re right, I thought I knew Claire’s reactions from being inside her head so much, so that when that part happened (with the Mercedes 🙂 ) I think i actually froze!

    Thank you for recommending Truth, I just might skip that flowery romantic read I was planning and just dive in!

  3. I took a bit of a break but i’ll start Truth first thing tomorrow 🙂 I really hope there’s no cliffhanger…I read the next book is expected in 2014! 2014!

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  15. Brenda E says:

    I’m half way thru the book, and I’m saying to myself WTF; I’m slightly confused as to all the 4+ stars reviews on amazon and yours. I have never be abused, have known women/men that have and felt great compassion for them; I’ve talked to them with the obvious questions,i.e. why don’t you leave etc. To me….. this book was written by someone (I think that) does not have a clue..I truly don’t mean to be insulting but good gracious…….

    This book is demeaning, cavalier; showing a complete lack of proper concern with reference to abuse. Absolutely spot-on with the lack of credibility of this story. To go from a coma, at the hands of her captor, to being in LOVE…PLEASE:{

    • I’m a huge fan of dark erotica which almost always deals with abuse of some kind. To be honest I can’t explain why i enjoy these books…. Possibly the psychology angle of it where i try to determine how convinced I am about stockholm syndrome n conditioning and the like… Never been a victim of abuse and I in no way want to be-little what others have gone through :/

      • Brenda E says:

        I get the idea that dark erotica deals with abuse on many levels…or not…. I do not like to use the word abuse when pleasure is expected…they’re is no pleasure when it comes to abuse. My thought process when it pertains to dark erotica is pleasure through inflicking various levels of pain; to some, pain equals pleasure. I also get/understand “Stockholm Syndrome”. This phenom does not happen overnight, and to ME that is what made me distant myself from this book; one day the beatings and a coma, the next day she’s in love and marrying him. If you’re going to write about abuse……well.
        I know we’re not reading a book on psy or rocket science, but I’m hoping that authors that write books in this genre goes the extra step to know all aspects of it; and would want the audience to love/enjoy their hard work and time they spent writing. :/

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