Book Review – The Siren (The Original Sinners #1) – Tiffany Reisz

If you are reading this review, you HAVE to get this book! I’m hoping to write a review that will make you get the book, but if I fail, just still get the book!

“Show, don’t tell” must be Tiffany Reisz’s mantra because I felt like I could see (and feel) everything in this book. Her writing…jeez, her writing…it makes you feel so much you want to scream… a good way 🙂

Lets start by what the book is about. Nora Sutherlin is an erotica writer and very successful, but for her latest book, her most personal book yet, she wants a different publishing house, a different editor. And she gets it..him… in the form of Zachary Easton. Zachary is demanding, see, he doesn’t think much of erotica but Nora is out to prove him wrong.

You would hope that this is a simple story but it is not. It has 3 men and one (lucky…at least I think so) woman. The men, Søren, Wesley and Zachary. I had a crush on Søren, I adored Wesley and to be honest I thought Zach was just ok. I’m happy it wasn’t a simple story, though at 50% (and a few more times at the end) my heart almost stopped!

I was warned that this is not your average story, not a romance story I was told. I disagree. I felt a lot of romance in the book. Like this scene (hidden it a little so that I don’t post spoilers)

‘”Did I lose you, or did I never have you to start with?” he asked. 

“You never lost me…And you always, always had me.”‘

I was so happy (for them 🙂 ) at this point it was ridiculous! I read it (in a stage whisper of course) to my boyfriend (did I mention he’s an unwilling participant in my book reading?!)

Anyway, this book undid me! All the emotions I felt… indescribable! I loved Nora, so strong yet, not really. The characters were written in such a way that you realize no one is all good or all bad. And I loved that, at one point i’m rooting for Søren but then I get disappointed, or i’m hoping Nora will keep her word and she doesn’t.  It just wasn’t as clear cut as fiction tends to be. Wesley on the other hand was a good guy; but for me good is boring.

Also did I mention I laughed a lot?

“What’s your favorite position?”

“I usually play winger.”

“Zach, I adore you, but you can’t make soccer jokes during phone sex. It just isn’t done.”

“We’re having phone sex are we?”

“Yes we are…”‘

My only criticism and it is somewhat so small I wonder if I should write it at all….I did wish there was more sex. For erotica it doesn’t seem to have that much sex in it. It is BDSM erotica and I should probably be happy with the quality not the quantity…but yes, I was hoping for more scenes between Søren and Nora… The reason I almost did not write this criticism was because the angst, the writing…and a lot in between more than made up for it.

It is part of a series. Do I hope there will be an HEA for my favorite couple? Hells yes! Do I expect it, no, because Tiffany Reisz is sitting somewhere devising the next way to drive us closet romantics crazy! 🙂

I give it 4.5 stars.

Amazon – The Siren by Tiffany Reisz


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  5. I LOVED the Original Sinners series as well! The books just keep getting better as you move along in the series!

    Love your blog!

    Bec’s Book Blog

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