Teaser – Wethering the Storm – Samantha Towle

God I loved Jake in The Mighty Storm!!!! So glad we’re getting part two of the series! The awesome Samantha Towle posted a teaser on her Facebook page 🙂



*Wethering the Storm teaser*
A little something to ease the disappointment of the change of release date 😉 Enjoy ♥

Jake approaches removing his T-shirt as he does. He tosses it onto the car, moving past me.
My eyes follow him as he leans in through the window.

I hear the music grow louder.
Then Jake is back, coming to stand between my legs.
He presses up against me, chest on chest, reaching over my shoulder, he moves back and I feel the silky fabric of my top brush over my skin.
“Do you trust me?” he murmurs.*As always this is not the final version. Changes may occur.*
If you haven’t read The Mighty Storm…get it here!
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