Teaser – Unbeautifully – Madeline Sheehan

I loved loved loved Undeniable and I absolutely cannot wait for the second book in this series! The story of Danny and Ripper 🙂 Madeline Sheehan posted this teaser on her facebook page.



UnBeautifully Teaser:

(Please keep in mind all posted teasers are subject to change during the editing process)
Enjoy…Madeline ♥

They made it maybe a mile down the dark, deserted highway when Danny’s hands suddenly fisted in his tee shirt, her body pressed in closer to his and her thighs squeezed reflexively around his hips. His heart started pounding.

Wave after wave of heat began to roll through him until he could barely see straight.
Knowing it was a bad idea, knowing exactly what was going to happen, he pulled off the highway and onto a patch of grass.
Cutting the engine, he shoved his kickstand down.
Neither of them spoke.
Or moved.
They just breathed.
Hers, quick and short.
His, loud and heavy.
Just breathing.
Then her fingers began to creep down his abdomen, to the edge of his tee shirt where she paused, fingering the threadbare material. He stopped breathing altogether and just gripped his handlebars, praying for strength.
“Ripper,” She whispered.
Aw, Jesus, that sweet, sweet voice…
….and the angelic face and the FUCKING body that owned that voice…
He was so fucked.
“Yeah baby?” He said gruffly.
Her hands slipped under his shirt and her nails dug into the skin on his stomach
“Please…” She breathed.
Sooo excited!!!!
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