Teaser – Beyond Control – Kit Rocha

Loved loved LOVED Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha (Dystopian Erotic Romance) and I just cannot wait for the next book in the series. The author gave us a bit of a teaser 🙂



* * *

“That’s the funny thing about these collars.” She scratched one fingernail over the rough surface of the O’Kane emblem. “Most men put them on women they plan to regularly fuck the shit out of.”His lips twitched. “I put them on women who get off on letting me fuck the shit out of them however, wherever and whenever I want.”Even the words tightened her nipples, raised goosebumps on her skin. “But you think that isn’t me.”

“You can flip the submission on like a switch, darling, but you sure as fuck weren’t getting off on it last night.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Noelle likes punishment. I don’t.”

Dallas finished rolling the cigarette before offering it to her. “That wasn’t punishment, which proves my damn point. We both know better than to play games where no one knows the rules.”

He kept talking in circles, and they were getting nowhere. “Okay, I’ll play along.” She leaned forward and snatched the cigarette. “If keeping me off your dick wasn’t punishment, what was it?”

His lighter was shiny silver and etched with a skull, and it reflected the light as he swept it up and flicked it open. “Foreplay.”

Lex glared at him over the flame. “We’ve had six years of that. Do we need more?”

Dallas grinned. “And here I thought you girls trained us this way on purpose.”

She rolled her eyes and lit the tip of the cigarette, puffing until it caught in a gentle smolder. “Rules. You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.”

“Control, Lex. I want it.” He snapped the lighter shut to emphasize his point before starting to roll a second cigarette. “Sometimes I’ll want you to give it to me. Sometimes I’ll want to take it. You need to be right with both.”

It pulled the air out of her lungs. Part of her wanted to blame it on the smooth tobacco smoke, but she couldn’t, not with her attention riveted to the lines of his face as he stared down at the task at hand.

Control. Oh, how she’d hungered to let go for a little while, to have Dallas hold it all, but the way he spoke proved he didn’t know. Maybe not how much, or maybe not at all.

She opened her mouth to say something, anything remotely coherent. Instead, she sucked in a rough, ragged breath.

He lifted the second cigarette and his gaze flicked to hers as he drew his tongue along the edge of the rolling paper, licking it like a lover.

* * *

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