A Reckless Abandon Teaser from Andrea Randall! Loved Ten Days of Perfect! Sigh… CANNOT.WAIT!

Andrea Randall

First of all, let me again thank all the wonderful readers that are becoming fans of November Blue, and Ten Days of Perfect. I’m thrilled that you all seem to be eagerly awaiting book #2, Reckless Abandon. As promised, upon hitting 75 reviews on Amazon, here is an Adrian-free Reckless Abandon teaser 😉




I stand, hoping a change in elevation will help me refocus. I cross my arms over my stomach and pace around the desk, leaning against it in front of him.

            “Is that how you feel? Do you feel like I abandoned you?” I almost whisper.

            Bo’s eyes start at my knees, bare from my skirt, and swim up the length of my body before he stands, regarding my eyes with tenderness. Our bodies are inches apart; the space between them filled with tension, anger, passion, and promises of forever. I drop my…

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