Book Review – Schooled – Deena Bright

This book has been described (on it’s amazon page) as Chelsea Handler meets Fifty Shades of Grey. I have to admit reading it I did not understand why. Unless it just means humor meets erotica. I just think when references to 50 Shades are made, the writer opens herself up to too much unnecessary criticism if the book is nothing like 50 Shades, and this wasn’t.

So what is the book about? Janelle Garrity, a 29 year old teacher, finds her husband of two years cheating on her with his secretary. She decides to drown her sorrows with tequila and bumps into one of her former students; now 24 year old Briggs Alexander. He’s hot and makes her feel things she never felt with her husband. As fate would have it, she also reconnects with another former student; 24 year old Leo Cling. The two men could not be more different. Briggs is African American, former high school athlete and a woman magnet. Leo is blond, shy AND a virgin.

Janelle has to choose between the two of them, though she really doesn’t want to (I wouldn’t either!) See, Briggs is more than just an arrogant self assured former athlete and Leo has definitely grown up from the nerdy boy Janelle knew. It’s certainly not an easy decision to make. (Also I keep picturing Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy as Briggs and Alex Pettyfer as Leo.) Anyway, I digress…

Onto my review. The first half of this book was ok. I kept reading mostly because I loved Control by Charlotte Stein (Check my review) where the woman also has a choice between two different but equally alluring men. The other half of the book heated up and I found myself rooting for Leo.

‘He bent down to kiss me, paused momentarily and said, “It’s always been you.” Then, he kissed me; his kiss was tender, soft and so intimate. There was a moment when I just lost myself in the kiss, feeling our bodies touching, our lips meeting, and our tongues mingling. I could taste his want, his desire’

Sigh….at this point I was all Team Leo! But then Briggs goes and does something so romantic…sigh…all I can say is that it was a creative gift…one that showed his depth and I was back to square one.

Leo was a mystery, always surprising me. But Briggs was incredibly hot and confident, totally arousing. These two were the perfect combination of a man.’

I loved the two guys in the book. Janelle on the other hand…hmm…I just didn’t identify with her. The sex scenes were well detailed (it is erotica after all) but I didn’t get turned on…ok two scenes turned me on but not as much as other books in this genre. Either way I definitely enjoyed the book much much more from 50% onwards. The book ends on a cliffhanger so be warned 🙂

I rate it 3.5 Stars. Oh and I think i’ll check out the next book in the series.
AmazonSchooled by Deena Bright


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