Book Review – 10 Days of Perfect – Andrea Randall

I woke up feeling really sick and knew i’d spend the day drinking tea and taking medicine; all I needed was the perfect book to brighten up my day and I found it! I got this a while back after some friends recommended it to me and today was just the perfect day to start it.

The book revolves around Ember Harris (full name November Blue Harris) whose life has been shaped by her childhood. See she grew up with hippie parents and always craved normalcy. A chance encounter with a musician (Bo Cavanagh) at an Irish Pub leads to one of the sweetest love stories.

I felt like I was reading about myself. That’s how much I identified with Ember. A lot of the way she handled things, the way she talked and acted, even the music she listened to, I kept thinking, wow, this is seriously a fictional version of me! Its always a plus when I really like both characters and I majorly swooned after Bo. He was such a sweet guy, so very romantic!

“Anyway, he said that Bo looked at him with complete seriousness and said that when he first sang with you, and looked in to your eyes, it was like he was able to feel everything you’ve ever felt. He said his sould thumped inside of him and it felt like he’d known you and loved you for a thousand lifetimes.”

Now you know why I spent my day swooning and sighing!

While I don’t believe in love at first sight, nor in the existence of men as perfect as Bo, I did feel a deep connection with the characters. I loved that their world was so detailed that I identified with the work they do and the people they are. I had been warned that there was a cliffhanger and that’s why I was so wary of starting the book. I hate cliffhangers! But I have to say I liked the ending, it was not a cliffhanger per se….only in as much as the book is part of a series and the writer did a good job of making sure we buy the next book but not in an annoying way 🙂

4 stars!!!!
Amazon – Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall


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