Book Review – Naked (The Blackstone Affair) – Raine Miller

Gah! This book almost made me pull my hair out! I had so many issues with it 😦 But first things first. What is it about? Brynne Bennett is an American art student at the University of London who also works part time as a nude model. Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait and there it all begins.

I should first of all say that this is part of a trilogy. Book 2 is out and book 3 comes out in 2013. Now to my review. This book annoyed the hell out of me! Its a rip off of the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day and not a good one at that. The whole thing seemed so rushed to me. I kept wondering if i’m missing an earlier installment meant to explain why the characters felt what they did. Also did I mention that it’s a short book? 115 pages! I seriously hate short installments and with a cliffhanger to boot.

So I had already bought the 2nd book (silly me) and decided to see if the whole thing gets better. The 2nd book – All in – is written in Ethan’s POV and it is even more annoying if you can believe that! I just could not identify with any character and i’m happy to say I will stay away from the 3rd installment.

I would rate it 1 star.
AmazonNaked by Raine Miller


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2 Responses to Book Review – Naked (The Blackstone Affair) – Raine Miller

  1. Neema says:

    I did not like it as much too…But still a good read….I think i read it in one seating….Sometimes i hated how it was….I am thinking of not reading book 2 but with the way it ended, i might grab a copy and see how Mr, Perfect protected Brynne…On the other hand, i loved the Crossfire Series….Amazing and each and everyday i fall in love with Slyvia….Can’t wait for book three

  2. Hi Neema! I unfortunately didn’t like this series much but please let us know what you think of “All In”. I definitely loved the Crossfire Series…Gideon..swoooon!! Oh and check the “What to Read After Fifty Shades” post 🙂

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