Book Review – Control – Charlotte Stein

This is hands down the best erotic book i’ve ever read! I was so fascinated by Charlotte Stein’s writing style; its like humorous erotica. And I know that sounds weird, who wants to laugh while reading a sex scene right? Well thats not what I mean, the book is written in the main character Madison’s POV and Madison is downright hilarious….and oh so kinky!

What’s the book about? Madison owns an erotica/romance book store. She is in the process of hiring an assistant when she meets 2 men. Andy, very very alpha male, the other Gabriel uptight and timid. Andy makes her lose all control, while Gabriel needs her to maintain all control. And in the end she has to choose…I know who I was rooting for!

Again I loved the book! so incredibly STEAMY, I was fanning myself the entire time! I have to admit that the book was in my TBR list for the longest time and I started it once and could not get into it. But then I decided to start it a second time and boy did I love it! Her writing is different, takes some time to get into it but once you do you’re swept up into this kinky highly erotic but still funny world. I will definitely be checking up on more Charlotte Stein books!

5 Golden stars!
Amazon – Control by Charlotte Stein


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